Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Masseto Toscana IGT 2018

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Masseto Toscana IGT 2018

Waarschijnlijk de meest iconische wijn uit Italië. Een absolute topwijn gemaakt van 100% Merlot gemaakt door Tenuta dell'Ornellaia. ...Meer informatie

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Masseto Toscana IGT 2018

We laten Robert parker aan het woord om deze topper te bespreken:


Masseto has pulled off back-to-back home runs. This is the first time that an Italian wine has earned 100 points in successive vintages. The 2016 Masseto is a thunderstorm of emotions, but it manages to keep them under perfect control. Like the 2015 Masseto before it, this vintage is a seamless wine of the highest pedigree. It represents an encore performance, continuing the string of successes that is bringing Italy to the forefront of the wine world. The first thing you'll notice is the thickness and concentration of the fruit that makes an immediate impact on all the senses, in terms of appearance, aroma and mouthfeel. There is no overstating the sheer power and richness of this iconic vintage of Italy's groundbreaking Merlot. Despite that considerable mass, this Masseto remains delicate and graceful. You gain better perspective as the wine opens in the glass and reveals deeper layers that were not immediately apparent on first nose: dark fruit, spice, sweet tobacco and black cherry. There is great tightness and laser focus to the fruit. I tasted the 2016 and 2015 vintages together for comparison when I scored this wine, and then I tasted this 2016 edition alone about a month later to confirm my impressions. These vintages are identical twins, two perfect wines.

  • Herkomst: Toscane, Italië
  • Druivensoort: Merlot
  • Inhoud: 75 CL
  • Smaaktype: Powerhouse!!
  • Houdbaarheid: 2050
  • Vinificatie: Eiken houten vaten
  • Serveertemperatuur: 14-18 graden
  • Glasadvies: Bordeaux glas
  • Lekker bij: Op zichzelf

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